Start Creating

WebXR-ready Boilerplate#

We value the time of our development team, as well as our open-source contributors, so, we've decided to build a starter project that is easy to setup, and within few minutes, you can start creating your own therapeutic application based on our design guidelines and best practices.

In this starter project, we use TypeScript with A-Frame, to be able to create static-types, readible, maintainable A-Frame component classes.

We're also using Google TypeScript Style (GTS) rules and automatic styling, formatting and fixing, to keep our code base consistent and well-formated.

Code Style: Google

Installation Guide#


  • Run the following command to clone the project to your local development environment
git clone
  • Go to the cloned directory
cd webxr-boilerplate

Instal Dependencies#

  • Run the following command to install all required depedencies
npm install

Create a new A-Frame Component#

  • Add new TS components to the src/components directory
cd src/components
touch test_component.ts
  • Add the base A-Frame component class. Implement the A-Frame functions based on your usage
import {ComponentWrapper} from '../essential/aframe-wrapper';
import {EntityBuilder} from '../essential/entity-builder';
interface TestComponentSchema {
readonly name: string;
export class TestComponent extends ComponentWrapper<TestComponentSchema> {
constructor() {
super('test-component', {
color: {
type: 'string',
default: 'no-name',
init() {}
update() {}
play() {}
pause() {}
tick() {}
remove() {}
destroy() {}
  • Make sure you register your component in the same file. Add this line at the end of the TS file
new TestComponent().register();
  • Make sure you import any new component to src/index.ts, then add it into the export section, so that it can be compiled with the other components
import {TestComponent} from './components/test-component';
export {TestComponent};

Automatic Fixing#

  • Say the following magic command to have your TS files automatically formatted and styled according to GTS, and to make sure that your code is error-free
npm run fix


  • Run the following command to build the TS scripts using webpack. This step will generate the dist directory which will include the HTML files that are going to have the implemented functionalities
npm run build

Start Local Development Server#

  • Run the following command which will start a local development server on localhost, and the port number will be shown in CLI. The server has live-reloading features which will enable seeing your changes in real time (just make sure you run the build command)
npm run start-dev

Check your new component#

  • Open the browser to localhost:PORT and start building amazing WebXR experiences!