Our Mission#

VRapeutic (pronounced as vee-rapeutic) develops virtual reality software for therapeutic purposes, with a major focus on learning difficulties and developmental disorders.

We design AI-enabled and biosensors-enriched virtual environments specially tailored to instill diverse essential life skills for children, including: social, cognitive, and motor, and academic skills.

We aim to replace boring, inefficient, and high-cost therapeutic sessions with engaging and immersive experiences, that are customizable, trackable, affordable, and efficient.

Therapeutic Modules#

We design our VR modules based on globally adopted tests and metrics specially designed to instill essential skills for children.

The process of designing such gamified exercices is detailed in the Modules' Design section.

VRapeutic Open Source#

Being a UNICEF Innovation Fund Portfolio start-up, VRapeutic have done great efforts to share its advancements in either research or development to the Open Source Community.

In our documentation website, we provide the following:

Stay in Touch#