Rodja | VR Module Description

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Rodja is a module in which the player sees jewels on a road around them and tries to collects jewels on it in front of them as fast as they could while avoiding distractions.


The gameplay occurs on a track shaped in different shapes and cycling around the player. There are multiple environments that the player and the track can be placed in.


The player plays from a first person perspective. The player character is not seen on the screen. Instead the player controls a circle pointer at the center of his/her eyesight that they use to point at the jewels to collect them. The player controls the pointer only by moving their head around as the pointer should express their eyes’ center’s direction.


An NPC plays along the player to encourage them and tell them the rules of the game. The NPC has two options: either a boy or a girl.


The player must collect all jewels before the time ends, or as fast as they could, without getting distracted by distractions around them, or by the movement of the jewels themselves.