Archeeko | VR Module Description

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An archery exercise that is designed to address and measure the various variables of attention. It consists of 3 levels with progressing difficulty, taking place in an immersive environment. ​


The module takes place in a forest with an empty space that has a big fir tree in front of the player which contains the targets that the player has to shoot at.

The player must shoot at the targets on the fir tree. The player should have 5 to 15 extra arrows than the number of targets on the tree, so that the player has 2 extra lives. If the player misses, the arrow that has been thrown away (anywhere other than on the targets) disappears after a small period of time. If the player hits a target, it falls from the tree and produces a particle system, a sound should be played to indicate that the player was successful in hitting a target and the NPC should tell the player good job and encourage the player to continue. The score of the player and the number of arrows left should appear at the top corner of the player’s vision.