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A gamified Virtual Reality therapeutic application that addresses attention skills on various levels. The gameplay consists of a visual target tracking exercise that is designed to address and measure the various variables of attention. ​


Uncle Noah is a nice old man, living by himself in the neighborhood. Since he’s living alone, he usually needs help in his everyday activities. He does fishing, farming, growing fruits, and writes books to earn a living. ​ Ellie is a fairy living in the neighborhood. One evening, she saw Uncle Noah while he was working on his garden and she talked to him. When she got to know that he was living and working all by himself, she decided that she’d pass by every day to help him. Ellie has invited the you to join her in helping Uncle Noah by unpacking his tools or collecting his objects. ​ The gameplay occurs in three unique environments. Each is composed of a round track on which the player shall reveal hidden items with the help of Ellie that are then collected. Uncle Noah is always present in the environments on the side doing an idle animation, and the items that the player and Ellie find are collected in a container that lies beside Uncle Noah. The three environments are: ​

  • Garden; and the objective is to collect fruits and vegetables
  • Beach; and the objective is to collect fish and fishing tools
  • Library; and the objective is to collect letters